Extra Wide Recliner Chair

Not all men are created equal. Some of us are a little bit wider than the average joe. If that’s you (like it is me) then let me tell you that nothing beats an extra wide recliner chair for comfort and relaxation. These recliners have at least an extra foot to them versus the normal sized cheap recliner. Small recliners are fine for some folks, but us bigger guys need some space. I have a wide one that is also a swivel rocker so it’s kind of the best of both worlds. That’s not too common like a standard leather recliner is, but they are out there if you’re willing to spend the time to find one. Extra Wide Recliner Chair

Oversized Recliners – Why Extra Wide Is Nicer

As I already said, being a big guy has its downside but one thing that works for me anyways is having a large recliner. And I don’t just mean big, I mean extra wide! These bad boys are tailor made for us big men who need more room to get comfy while watching our favorite shows or sports on TV. I have one of these recliners in my office room. I call it the office but it’s really just like a man cave. The recliner chair in there is at least 2 extra feet wide and the padding is all you can ask for and then some. I have almost made it a ritual to fall asleep in that recliner for at least an hour every Sunday afternoon. Anyone who knows me understands that the extra wide recliner chair is my pride and joy. Mess with it and you will surely get a wide foot where you don’t want it!

I found recliners on sale in lots of places. The best deals though have always been online especially for those oversized ones. I swear if you go into the store they try to charge you double what you will pay online. Maybe it’s because you get to sit on it and feel it, but I don’t care. That’s too much money to waste when you can get recliners for sale that have everything you need. My wide one has some extra padding on it too so it’s really comfortable. Not quite to the level of a premium leather recliner but for the price, how can one complain.