Overstuffed Recliner

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as lounging in an overstuffed recliner. They are incredibly comfortable. To me I like them even more than a good leather recliner or even a reclining sofa. Now of course these recliners are anything but small. They usually have wider back cushions and large puffy armrests. It’s like flopping down into an easychair that you never want to get out of. overstuffed recliner

Modern recliners come in very different shapes and styles these days. I’ve seen some that are rocker recliners with certain upholstery, while others may be thin swivel ones like you’d find in an executive office. I don’t think you can beat the all-around versatility of an overstuffed recliner chair though. I have two of them myself that are in my happy place in the basement. One is brown and really wide. I could probably fit two of my selves in there. The other one is smaller but just as stuffed. It actually has a smaller back rest area but it is more firm than the other large one.

Overstuffed Recliner Chair in the Man Cave

Most guys can relate to having a chair that just screams comfortable. I know some dudes actually prefer leather recliners over anything else, including rocker recliners. As for me, I’ll take that big comfy one that’s ready to become the centerpiece of my man cave. Put it in on one side of the room across from the big screen TV. That’s what I usually do with my recliners. I almost always have a couch down there too and while it may recline, I much prefer the big old recliner with its overstuffed padding any day. These aren’t upholstered rocking chairs here. We’re talking manly man chairs that just scream for a nap on Saturday afternoon while the game is on! Well that’s my take on it anyways. I hope you find a great recliner that works for you.