Recliners for Tall Guys

If you’re a tall man, you know that it’s often difficult to find a comfortable recliner. Most men just don’t like it when there legs hang over the leg rest by a foot or more! There are a few things you can do though to find a better big and tall recliner.

Generally speaking you are looking for an oversized recliner. Not all of them are super wide though. You really want one with a high back. If you measure what you currently have, you’ll get a good idea of what you need in an extra large recliner. Obviously the higher the back the better it will be for a tall guy but they work well for bigger men as well. It’s just comfortable and relaxing. Perfect for napping at halftime!

Big Man Recliner

Recliners for Tall GuysLarge guys know that a run of the mill chair or recliner just doesn’t cut it for them. They know they’re big and they need heavy duty furniture. Big and tall recliners have become quite popular over the last 10 years. Tall recliners have a larger back and longer leg rest so those very tall men can get some relaxation too. The oversized recliners are made for the heavier guys who need more width and stronger support. They are not only wider but more heavily padded all around. Of course that makes them incredibly comfortable too.

Some of the best recliners that a tall or big man can get are found online. I realize that people often like to sit in recliners before they buy them, but honestly you can tell a lot just by reviews and info online. Some of them are also glider or rocker recliners too. Whatever fits your individual needs for a big man recliners.

I suggest you shop around. I will say the bigger sites like Amazon though give outstanding amounts of info and often have the best reviews from those who have bought these big and tall recliners. I hope you find a great one that you enjoy for years to come.